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Vest Repairs

Vest Repairs

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***Note: While the original buckles were wonderful for normal wear and tear use, we have found from customer feedback that they do not hold up as well when they are subjected to stress such as being stepped on or shut in car doors. While we still can't guarantee their integrity when subjected to these things, we have switched to another brand of buckle that should be more durable when exposed to the unexpected things that tend to happen.

If you have damaged your vest, please reach out and speak with me first to see if it's something that can be repaired. Usually things like broken buckles, torn straps, damaged vesting linings, or snagged embroidery can be repaired. 

Here are the options:

Replacement buckles sent to you: I will send you a set of new buckles and instructions on how to replace them. This involves cutting a strap and then sewing a straight line. The fee almost entirely goes to the shipping costs. We want you to be able to enjoy the new buckles with as little expense as possible. 

Send vest in for repair: I will contact you with an address you can send the vest back to. Once received, I disassemble the vest to do the repairs. The results in a more finished look similar to when you received it. 

Send vest in for repair and cleaning: I will repair and launder/press the vest.

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