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Build your own Vest or Cape

Build your own Vest or Cape

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This listing is for a custom service dog vest. The vest comes with adjustable vinyl webbing straps which feature a quick release buckle. When ordering you can either include the desired panel size (please use this option if you already know which length works best for your dog) or you can enter the girth measurement (the widest part of your dogs ribs) and your vest panel will be approximately 2/3rd that length. ***THE SIZES LISTED IN THE DROPDOWN ARE GIRTH MEASUREMENTS***  

This listing is for a fully customized dog vest. This particular listing includes a vest with two lines of text and one included graphic on each of the 3 panels, and up to 5 thread colors. You can find the included graphics in the listing photos.  If you need more than that, it can be added with the GRAPHICS upgrade. You are welcome to send me your design if you aren't sure which one to order. 

 This is the first piece you need for your order and can either be purchased by itself or in additional to other upgrades. Please see my other shop listings for options to personalize your purchase. Upgrade options are not necessarily limited to what is listed. If you do not see a listing for something you want, please let me know.

This listing is for a fully customized service dog Vest. 

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Classic fabric: This is the vest that got us started! We live in the desert and needed something that would still be comfortable for our dog to wear in the summer. The cotton material is lightweight and breathable. It is dirt resistant and easy to clean. 

Water-resistant fabric:  If the canvas and marine vinyl had a baby, this would be it! This fabric is rated as being both breathable and waterproof, but since embroidery punctures the fabric, we are listing it as being water resistant.  The material is easy to spot clean and is fade resistant. 



How this works:

1. Choose which style vest you want.

2. Select which upgrades you want added. (In order to save on shipping, it is best to purchase everything at the same time)

3. Download the order form from the links provided below and design your vest! This can be printed out, done digitally, or written out. If there are specific images you'd like, feel free to include them with the form. No copyrighted material, please. If I have questions, I'll contact you.

4. Email your completed form to

5. Once your design is complete, I will send you a proof to review. Work on your vest cannot begin until you have approved the design. Once approved, changes cannot be made.

6. The clock starts on the production of your vest!

Please click the appropriate link below to get your order form.



S&R Short




Size Specific Limitations:

Vests smaller than 12" panels may have 5/8" buckles which do not include triglides.

X-Small: This size not not have a butterfly option or the pockets upgrade.

X-Large: Due to the size limitations of the machine, if you purchase an X-Large. the width of the panel will be slightly narrower. If you have any questions regarding the correct size, please contact me prior to ordering.

Notes on Upgrades:

Pockets: This is an upgrade option to add pockets to the side panels, either with or without zipper closures. The default color is black. White zippers are available upon request. 

D-Rings: This is an upgrade option to add one set D-Rings to the vest.  If you select this upgrade, please keep the placement in mind when choosing your design so it does not obstruct part of your text or image. These are not intended for restraint or pulling. 

Graphics: This adds graphics to the vest as follows: Side panel design: This is a design that will be applies to both side panels. Different sides: Use this option if you want each side to be different. Intricate design: I'll let you know if you need to purchase this.

Reflective Tape: This is an upgrade option to add  1" reflective tape to the vest for added visibility at in low light. If you select this option, please keep the tape placement in mind when choosing your design as placement along an edge will result in a reduction of width when incorporated into the seam. The strip is highly reflective though so a little goes a long way.

Loop: This is an upgrade option to add loop for a one patch or one panel. Please adjust the quantity for the number you need. If you are purchasing a loop patch placement, you will want to indicate the size and placement of the loop on your vest customization sheet (this is available on the vest listing) or add a note to your order. If you select this upgrade, please keep the placement in mind when choosing your design so it does not obstruct part of your text or image.

Thread: By default, the vest includes high quality polyester thread that is both durable and retains it's color. This listing is an upgrade option for decorative thread. These options can add extra personalization to your vest. Glow in the Dark stitches similar to regular thread, but the reflective and metallic are best suited to a less intricate designs. If you opt for specialty thread for a design as opposed to text, you might be asked to purchase an additional graphics upgrade.  This is due to the fact that the machine must run at a reduced speed while stitching and slows production time. 

Marine Vinyl:  By default the vest includes solid panel fabrics for it's panel construction. Marine vinyl or Upholstery Vinyl are both durable and easy to clean and can up substituted for use in the panels. (Note: It is much heavier than fabric and might not be suitable for more than the center panel in especially hot climates. ) Because this is not fabric, the needle actually perforates the material when stitching. Because of this, it is not recommended for especially dense or intricate stitch-outs. The material is less flexible than fabric and you might notice stitching along the edge appear distorted or bulge or other irregularities from the vest being adjusted during construction. By selecting this option you accept the limitation of these materials.

Convertible: This allows your design to be used as either a vest or a cape for a harness. Snaps will be visible on top of vest, so please keep this in mind when planning your design layout.

Note about the colors: The fabric used for these vest a heavy duty textured fabric known for it's durability. Because of the texture, it is incredibly difficult to photograph for color samples because the overall color is a combination of the colors from the highlights and lowlights of where the light hits the fabric. The colors displayed are taken from the manufacturer website.

When I provide you with a proof, I try to get as close to the color as I can, but the software that generates the proof image uses different color settings than Photoshop so it is not always an exact match. Additionally, colors can vary slightly from bolt to bolt. The thread is shiny and can result in different hue where the light hits it. Color calibrations on electronic devices vary from screen to screen as well. All of this makes recreating the color you'll see in your home a little challenging. 

If you are looking for a specific color, please contact me and I can provide additional images. I will do my best to get as close of a match as I can for what you need, but I cannot guarantee an exact shade due to the variables mentioned.

Note about the straps: While I make every efforts to make these as secure as possible (they are stitched the vest at 2-3 connection points), there is a lot of research that must be done regarding the strength of the fabric, straps, thread, and even the type of stitching in order to have a specific weight tolerance listed for what you could reasonably expect before the strap, stitching,  or fabric would tear due to being pulled. Because I have not done this research, these vests are not being sold with the intent to restrain your animal. 


Cancellations: If for any reason you need to cancel your order prior to design work beginning, just let me know. If design work has already begun then I can usually offer a full refunds less the design fee. Generally speaking, the only time that no portion of cancellation is available is when stitching has begun, but this after you have approved the proof for the design. I realize that we all have extenuating circumstances and things changes for us quickly. I try to be as accommodating as possible. Please reach out if you feel like you need to change your order. 

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