Which color threads are available?



These are our most popular colors and are a wonderful sampling of a little bit of everything. The majority of our designs are done with these staples and we've had amazing results with them. 


In some cases though, customers will request things like neon colored threads, or ask me to color match a fabric. While I have a selection of other threads from different brands that I've accumulated over the years, in order to accommodate these requests, I have also been slowly building my collection.


Madeira Brand Threads

Madeira is an industry leader in machine embroidery threads and offers more than 400 colors. While I only have around half of them, I can get most colors within a week and the special orders usually in 1-2 weeks.

The great thing about this brand, is that you can go to their website and see pictures of the actual cones of thread so you don't have to just go off the tiny rectangle of color on the chart.



Just keep in mind that differences in screen color calibrations are a thing and the only way to ensure an exact match on something is to compare everything in person. If you decide to go through route, you can order there HERE


If you need JUST THE RIGHT shade of colors for a project, this is the way to go.

You can see which colors I already have in stock HERE as well as expected 


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